Inmarsat successful launch of the 4th GX satellite

17 мая, 2017

Inmarsat announced yesterday the successful launch of the 4th satellite of the Global Xpress constellation with a Space X falcon 9 rocket. The new I-5 F4 satellite will join the three GX satellites already in orbit, which have been delivering unprecedented service speeds, global coverage, reliability and security to users


Firmware upgrades : Iridium 9555/ Extreme 9575 / Extreme PTT

4 мая, 2017

Iridium released a new firmware upgrade for each of the following handset: 9555, Extreme 9575, Extreme PTT These releases are correcting minor bugs and introduce some new features (Languages support for Iridium PTT, signal strengh indicator’s accuracy, etc…) While they are not mandatory , we strongly suggest to do them


Hughes 9502 firmware update

17 марта, 2017

Hughes published the release of software version for the Hughes 9502 terminal. This release is a recommended upgrade with several new features and enhancements. Alternatively, the software can be downloaded over the air from the Inmarsat upgrade server by using the Remote SMS feature and the ATCO command _IGETFW.

logo globalstar

Globalstar upgrades its Network

6 марта, 2017

Globalstar will upgrade its newtork to improve the quality of service. You might be affected from time to time until March 19th 2017. For more information on this network upgrade, go to Globalstar website  


The new developments of Iridium NEXT constellation

2 марта, 2017

The Iridium NEXT program reached an exciting milestone on Sunday, February 19, at approximately 1:30 PM EST. SV106 became the first Iridium NEXT satellite in full commercial service, providing global telephone and data services with the remaining members of the Block 1 fleet. Once SV106 performance is thoroughly verified, SV109


Оставайтесь на связи с теми, кто вам дорог!

22 февраля, 2017

IEC TELECOM, глобальный провайдер спутниковой связи сообщает о запуске корпоративной программы «Связь с близкими в море», позволяющей судоходным компаниям оптимизировать затраты на связь, а сотрудникам – общаться со своими семьями во время навигации.   Алматы, Казахстан – В корпоративную программу включены: льготный тарифный план, скретч-карты номиналом 37 минут для моряков