Enhanced capacity for Inmarsat customers in Middle East & Asia

10 November, 2015 logo_inmarsat

Inmarsat is moving its Inmarsat-4 F2 (I-4 F2) communications satellite to a new orbital position above the Indian Ocean to create a fourth full-service L-band region. This will offer enhanced capacity for customers in the Middle East and Asia (MEAS).


The commencement of the satellite move was planned to enable the provision of commercial services by the end of the year however, due to some additional operational requirements, these services are now expected to become available in Q1 2016.


Inmarsat is still planning to phase in the new region, commencing with BGAN services (SB, FB, BGAN Land) in Q1 2016. GSPS services will also be available across the MEAS region in 2016, following completion of Inmarsat’s new GSPS gateway for the repositioned I-4 F2 satellite.


We continue to work with our BGAN manufacturing partners to ensure that you are kept up-to-date with any relevant changes.


For I-4 users in Russia, a new BGAN SAS remains on schedule to enter service in 2016 and the intention is to operate in the MEAS region.


Users of BGAN and GSPS services in China will not be able to access the MEAS satellite as all traffic to and from China will continue to be carried over I-4 F1 (APAC).


MEAS will overlap both our EMEA and APAC satellites, increasing capacity not just over the new region but across four continents, including Europe and the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Australasia. The decision to create a fourth region further demonstrates Inmarsat’s long-term commitment to investing in service and product innovation for L-band users.


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