IEC Telecom and Thuraya held a Maritime Seminar in Singapore

29 June, 2018

IEC Telecom and its long-standing partner Thuraya Telecommunications Company delivered an exclusive seminar on how to maximize the benefits of satellite connectivity at sea. Held in Singapore on June 29, the seminar provided owners, operators and other attendees from the maritime industry with a corporate update about Thuraya’s MarineComms portfolio and services. It discussed requirements and challenges, helping to bridge the knowledge gap and support the route to fulfil future cooperation opportunities.


“As demand for connectivity at sea increases in Asia, we are proud to partner with IEC Telecom in Singapore for a seminar to present Thuraya MarineComms’ product portfolio, including the newly launched Thuraya Atlas IP+, – commented Joey Long, Sales Manager – Asia Thuraya Telecom. “IEC Telecom is one of Thuraya’s best maritime service providers and we are glad to support them  to further grow the maritime market.”


IEC Telecom-Thuraya corporate seminar convened 30 professionals from the maritime industry. The two-hour session shed light on Thuraya’s value proposition and recently launched maritime products like the Atlas IP+. During the meeting, the hosts managed to gather essential industry insights and discuss relevant analysis reports as well as new and upcoming initiatives.


“The relationship between IEC Telecom and Thuraya is getting closer every year, – says Kenny Koh, Managing Director, IEC Telecom Singapore. “We are excited to bring Thuraya’s next-generation broadband solutions to the market and strengthen it with IEC Telecom’s experience and expertise. There is no doubt that a lot of our customers would benefit from advanced cost-effective solutions powered by Thuraya and provided by IEC Telecom.”