IEC Telecom Europe takes up the 2019 Challenge Contre La Faim

26 May, 2019

As part of our strategic vision to be an integral part of the vibrant communities we operate in, IEC Telecom Europe is committed to humanitarian causes across the globe. Besides ensuring stable communications, IEC Telecom Europe has time and again been a community partner where it matters most. This year, from April 19th to October 18th, we have taken up the challenge to raise funds in support of Action Contre La Faim (Action Against Hunger), a French NGO that aims to alleviate starvation and malnourishment amongst children.


The challenge is set to raise funds via an inscription fee per participant and pledges €15 per 6 minutes or kilometres of sport. Last year, IEC Telecom Europe representatives ran for 1.5 hours across 30 km, and this year, we’re excited for Julijana to participate in yoga and Mickael in running.


35% of the proceeds will go to Ivory Coast and Nepal, and 65% will go towards ongoing emergencies faced in the field. Join IEC Telecom Europe across 9 French towns as we say, « Challenge Accepted ! »