Humanitarian Solutions

Ensuring essential communications access


When dealing with a crisis, humanitarian organizations are usually facing a breakdown of conventional communications networks which can severely restrict fast and effective delivery of aid into the field.


Satellite communications provide humanitarian teams with reliable and rapidly deployable solutions wherever they are located, even in the most isolated areas and extreme conditions.


This essential connectivity allows frontline staff to rapidly and efficiently co-ordinate first response to disasters or emergency situations.



When facing disaster recovery missions, humanitarian organizations have to quickly deploy complex logistics processes to assist management teams to co-ordinate crisis relief.


IEC Telecom Group provides aid workers with a large selection of products and humanitarian solutions that are suited to the emergency phase following any disaster or crisis: satellite phones, mobile devices to deploy Wi-Fi connectivity/ “Bring Your Own Device” or portable & fixed modems.


Instant communications can be achieved due to lightweight and compact equipment, providing workers with enhanced mobility and shorter reaction times during a crisis first response phase.




With our telecommunications systems, aid agencies can consolidate their relief efforts over time, set up temporary offices using semi-fixed modems such as Inmarsat BGAN range or Thuraya IP+ and access corporate applications, manage logistics or even use low bandwidth videoconferencing solutions.


Multiple team members can share the same Wi-Fi connection, set up a temporary office and benefit from prepaid vouchers for voice communications to stay in touch with their friends and family while being in the field.




For longer term deployments and sustainable development missions, IEC Telecom Group can cover any specific need and offer high broadband data connectivity ‘DSL-Like’, so that teams can access and share high data volume, get a VPN connection, join videoconferencing, etc…


OptiLINK, our VSAT solution offering includes C-Band, Ku-Band and Ka-Band services, mobile, fixed or vehicular equipment and a large choice of options to make sure that you receive the best solution based on your specific requirements and constraints.
All our equipment is made to last and is designed to resist the hardest climatic conditions. You can rely on its performance and long term durability.




To ensure personal safety in hazardous locations, our advanced tracking solutions allow a complete view of the position your front-line staff in real-time.


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Advanced Billing System: OptiSIM

so that all running missions and projects get independent invoices, which ensure efficient cost-control and monitoring from headquarter

GPS Functionnality

Can be easily and quickly sent by text and ensure that your staff is secured

We master logistics and delivery wherever you are

strong experience working with humanitarian, quick answer to any request, permanent stock dedicated to emergency situations

Wide Range of Turnkey Solutions

Responding to all needs of aid projects, from short to complex and long mission

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