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Globalstar GSP 1700

Staying connect anywhere.

The GSP 1700 is a compact and lightweight satellite phone that delivers high quality voice and low speed data connectivity.

With a service available in more than 120 countries, it enablers any user to stay connected when conventional networks are not deployed or unsufficient.

Built to last, its rugged design makes it resistant to shocks, water, dust, humidity or ice.
The Globalstar service offers high call clarity with little or no time delay and echo so that users can enjoy clear quality conversation wherever they are.

The GSP 1700 also provides data connectivity at speed of 9.6 kbps and allow the display of user’ GPS location, send or receive email. Its offers a backlit color display optimized screen for indoor and outdoor viewing and a long battery life (36 hours in standby and 4 hours in talk time).

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