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Always-on mobile broadband connectivity!

The high-speed IP capabilities of the Thuraya IP + make it the ideal solution for a wide range of mission-critical operations such as Broadcast media, defense, telemedicine or disaster response.

This compact terminal, easy to carry on and deploy on the field provides high-speed data connectivity up to 444 kbps and Wi-Fi hotspot radius of up to 30 meters range. The Thuraya IP+ supports 384 kbps streaming IP so that users can benefit from a guaranteed bandwidth and deploys critical applications needed stable and reliable dedicated bandwidth.


Easy to point, no laptop is required to make it operational and users can be online in a few seconds!
Easy portable, its simple plug-and-play mechanisms and friendly graphical user interface make it ideal for people on the move such as: media and broadcasters, non-governmental agencies and humanitarian or small temporary office team.


Thuraya IP+ enables users to deploy many communications applications such as: Internet access, VoIP applications such as Skype, establish a secured VPN secured connection, access remotely your corporate applications, send and received large files or select guaranteed quality of services for bandwidth hungry applications such as video streaming.


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Advanced Billing System: OptiSIM

Completely independent from terrestrial or cellular network

Easy to install and maintain

Flexible Service Offering