Thuraya IP+ New firmware

28 September, 2016 Thuraya IP+

Thuraya has released a new firmware version for the Thuraya IP+. This update fixes numerous bugs. It is recommended to be applied.

Changes from software version to version

Internet Access Interruptions

In some cases, especially under heavy load, the terminal could experience an interruption in internet access. Some of these interruptions are short, but others could persist for minutes, or even until the terminal is rebooted. These issues arose from interactions between multiple factors including heavy load, transitions due to uplink or downlink inactivity, temporary errors from the gateway, and changing the QoS. Multiple root causes were identified, and they are resolved in this release.

Unintended Terminal Reboot

There were a few scenarios where the terminal would unexpectedly reboot, interrupting the connection. These problems typically occurred under extremely heavy load, while others were sporadic. Like the internet access interruptions above, multiple root causes were identified, and resolved in this release.

BCOM WLAN Recovery

The BCOM WLAN Modules, which are now used on new boards, exhibited some problems not seen on previous boards. WLAN Clients would remain connected to the UT, but access to the WebMMI or the internet would not be possible. This may last only a few minutes, or could persist until the terminal is rebooted. This would most often happen during heavy load over WLAN. It is caused by internal communication between the WLAN Module and the modem becoming stuck. This release implements a way to detect this condition, as well as a fast recovery for it. In many cases, this detection and recovery hides the error from the PC and applications communicating over the spacelink.


The update is possible only from the previous release

– For older versions, a step-upgrade to is necessary and to version first if your device use an older firmware.

Click here to update your firmware.