Thuraya Policies Update

11 April, 2019

1) Launch of New Tariff: Thuraya Country-Plus Tariff


New prepaid and postpaid tariffs are being introduced for selected countries in a new Country-Plus zone with very attractive allowances for onnet calls and in-country calls.


These tariffs will be available from 10th April, 2019.





Prepaid Plan:


Price of SIM card (Retail) USD 89
SP share USD 20
Onnet minutes allowance 500
Country-Plus Zone minutes allowance*
    Group 1* 400
    Group 2* 250
    Group 3* 150
    Group 4* 70
SMS 100
SMS Validty 6 months


For every renewal, the same terms and conditions will apply.


Postpaid Plans:


Postpaid Plans
Postpay Pack 1 Postpay Pack 2
Retail monthly fee USD 15 USD 25
SP share USD 5 USD 8
Onnet minutes allowance 100 300
Country-Plus Zone minutes allowance*
    Group 1* 50 80
    Group 2* 30 50
    Group 3* 20 35
    Group 4* 10 15
SMS allowance 15 20
Min. commitment 1 months 1 months


*Maximum possible minutes if all Country-Plus Zone calls are made to a particular group.


Country-Plus Zone:


Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4
Mongolia Ghana Cemroon Gabon
Malaysia Rwanda Burkina Faso Liberia
Bangladesh Azerbaijan Kyrgyzstan Guinea-Bissau
Thailand Djibouti Tajikistan Morocco
Bhutan Benin Tanzania Togo
Vietnam Georgia Senegal Guinea
Laos Malawi Tunisia
Cambodia Zambia Somalia
Uzbekistan Cote d’Ivoire Mozambique
Turkmenistan Equatorial Guinea Gambia
Sri Lanka Zimbabwe Uganda
Eritrea Sierra Leone
Angolo Burundi



2) New Prepay top-up validity & expiry of old balances


Currently the Thuraya top-up balance is valid as long as the SIM card is in an active state and it remains active as long as there is enough balance for annual renewal fee. From 1st April 2019, the validity of the top-up balance will be as per the following table:


Top-up denomination Validity
(from date of top-up)
10 units 180 days
20 units 365 days
39 units 365 days
50 units 365 days
80 units 365 days
160 units 365 days
500 units 365 days
1000 units 365 days
2500 units 365 days


These validities will be applicable for all the top-ups that are performed from 1st April, i.e. the total account balance validity of any customer who tops up from 1st April will be updated as per the new policy. For example, if a customer has USD 10 balance and tops up USD 20 on 1st April 2019, the total balance will be USD 30 with expiry date of 31st March 2020.


For all customers, whose last top-up is more than 2 years old and haven’t performed any activity in the last one year, their account balance will expire as follows:


• The account balance of customers whose last top up was more than 2 year ago and have not performed any activity* during last one year, will expire according to the following schedule:


Customer’s last
Customer’s last
Customer’s existing
Balance expiry
Before 5th Mar 2017 Before 5th Mar 2018 Less than USD 100 5th Mar 2019
Before 5th Mar 2017 Before 5th Mar 2018 More than USD 100
less than USD 500
5th Apr 2019
Before 5th Mar 2017 Before 5th Mar 2018 More than USD 500 15th Apr 2019


• For customers who topped up between 5th March 2017 and 31st March 201 and do not perform any top-up before 31st Dec 2019, their balance will expire by 31st March 2020:



Customer’s last top-up Customer’s last activity Customer’s existing balance Balance expiry date
5th Mar 2017 – 31st Mar 2019 Any date Any denomination 31st Mar 2020


In case of any top-up by the above customers after 31st March 2019, the new top-up validity will apply and the balance expiry will follow the new rules.


* Activity: any customer generated activity pertaining to either outgoing Voice call, outgoing SMS, GmPRS.


3) Changes to NOVA


Effective 10th April 2019, the following changes shall apply to Prepay NOVA:


a) Prepay NOVA changes:


Price Plan Current Fee New Fee
Preloaded balance All NOVA Prepay USD 20 USD 10
Renewal fee All NOVA Prepay USD 10 per 24 months USD 39 per 12 months


These price changes will be applicable to existing customers as well as to new activations/reserved SIMs.


b) Zone change:


Currently, Mali is part of the Zone E countries (NOVA). Effective 10th April 2019, Mali will be moved from the NOVA zone to the Standard Zone (applicable for Prepay and Postpay).


4) Changes to Standard Prepay Price Plans


Effective 1st April 2019, the following change will be applicable to the Standard Prepay price plans:


Price Plans Current Retail New Retail
Voice Calls to Thuraya per minute All Standard Prepay USD 0.99 USD 1.19